In the fast lain global world many printing houses are competing to provide top quality service specifically in China.

Why WPS? 

We care about customer satisfaction.
Our community is growing thanks to returning customers, this is a fact that we are proud of.

Printing is only a small piece of the puzzle to complete the picture, WPS provides a comprehensive service package that includes the initial order, printing material quality assurance, shipping service and customs handling. Our system enables you track you order by getting an online 24/7 report on where in the process you project is.

Not only WPS provides a quality comprehensive service but also drives competitive pricing policy. 

We believe in cutting the middle man to give you the best price. Since the project process is handles in house we can instantly react to any unforeseen changes quickly and efficiently.

For throws that have an idea for a project but have no access to designers or need general consulting in making it happen, we take pride in our special projects division. This division will put you project on track and will provide designs, samples and creative ideas.

Our team consists of talented multi cultural professionals that answer each customer in his native language.
Call now and get your printing solution!